Dikt - To conquer

I’ve seen you conquer so many others
You stole their hearts, I watched you do it
Watched you sneak upon them, lay your hands on them
I watched you put your spell upon them

I envied them all,
Even though none of it was real

When the night came, during which you conquered me,
I had never been so filled with profound bliss
As you trembled and your skin was damp with sweat
I held your body close to mine, wished you could dig through my skin
And I think you did, because I can still feel your fingertips inside

I was scared to let you go when it was over
I never thought you wanted to stay
You felt my doubts as you kissed me,
You tasted bittersweet, I recognized the taste
Then you looked at me with piercing eyes
And told me you didn't want to leave

I think I conquered you

Bild från: http://weheartit.com/entry/13444486 


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