Mirah - Words Cannot Describe

Words cannot describe
The twinkle in your eyes
The fireworks that happen
Inside my heart they're snappin'
I'm wishin' on a star to be with you

This lazy afternoon

Will find me in my room
Plucking petals one by one
Oh my heart will come undone
Wondering if my wishes will come true

I'm waiting for the day you'll let me love you

I'm like a flower swooning for the sun
Shine on me so tenderly, my love
And say that you will be my only one

I look up at the moon

And hope that maybe soon
We'll be together i can tell
Our romance will be like a spell
Cast upon the town when we're around

I see you walking by

'N there's no use to disguise
The fella in me quivers
And now i've got the shivers
Tingling up my spine, oh you're divine


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