Shit straight people say to gay people...

Hittade den här listan på Tumblr. Känner ni igen er?

Shit straight people say to gay people, a.k.a. me

“so… why don’t you like men? I’m really curious.”

“whyyyy? you’re so pretty.”

“if you were straight, would you go out with me?”

“can’t you just give a guy a chance?”

“I thought you must at least be bi, the way you looked at me.”

“you don’t look gay.” (only said by straight men who like me)

“no… really? you’re joking, right? ……… it’s a choice.”

“so when did you become a lesbian?”

“what made you decide to become a lesbian?

“I’m just giving you advice - in this city, if you want to date women, you have to dress in a more feminine way” -said by an old straight guy

“you should get a dress - it will help you pick up women” -also an old straight guy who likes me

“if women don’t want you, fuck them. you have me.” -another old straight, and super creepy, guy

“I’ll be your wingman.”

“so you’ve never been with a man? then how do you know?”

“why use plastic when you can have the real thing?”

“girls, I need you to hook me up with some [other] bi-curious women.”

“maybe you just haven’t given a guy a chance.”

“so if I put on a dress and some make-up, you’d go on a date with me?” (after saying I’ve dated a trans woman before)

“I’m a lesbian. I only like women.” -men

“so are you the dominant one or the submissive one?”

“what made you decide to lead?” -other dancers. answer: “I like women. (obviously)”

“I’m very attracted to you, but you’re not straight.” -creepy dude I wouldn’t remotely be interested in if I were straight


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